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Dental checkups and cleaning:

  • Thorough inspection of teeth and gums
  • Evaluation of existing fillings and dentures
  • X-rays taken if necessary
  • Thorough cleaning with ultrasonic cleaning
  • Oral hygiene instructions with audio-visuals

Aesthetic (cosmetic) Dentistry

  • Smile evaluation
  • Before and after photographs
  • Teeth whitening
  • Gap closures with bonding techniques
  • Alignment of teeth with invisalign ®

Restorative treatments

  • Occlusion evaluation
  • Life-like tooth colored fillings
  • Repalcement of failing metal fillings
  • Zirconium and all ceramic crowns
  • Bondable bridges to replace the missing natural tooth
  • Dental implants

Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

  • Root canal treatment of infected tooth
  • Post and core to restore the broken tooth
  • Cosmetic fillings and crowns

Periodontology (Gum treatment)

  • Routine dental cleaning and polishing
  • Depigmentation of the gums
  • Surgical root planning to improve the gum line
  • Oral hygiene instruction and maintenance