Put on your best smile everyday!


Great Results. Very Friendly team from entrance to exit

-Emma O.

Very Happy ☺

Shehab Ahmed

Dr. was very friendly and explained the procedure beforehand. He also answered the questions that I had

-Tom G.

I am at ease when I come to Pearl Dental Clinic. The staff are friendly, professional and great me with happy smiles. J Keep Smiling.

-CT Chambers

Very nice results and lovely people at the clinic. ☺

-Sara R.

very happy with the outcome. Exceeded my expectation

-Cindy A.K

Great experience. Was lovely the way he explained everything in so much detail and staff were very friendly..

-Emilene P.

Very Professional, made me feel very comfortable and seemed to be very well informed. Will definitely recommend.

-Lema H.

Excellent, Outstanding and very Professional

-William T.

very friendly staff and Dr. Salahudeen was very professional and also friendly.

-Lina M.

my wife was very happy. Your staff is friendly and brilliant. Dr. Salah is very professional and did a good job.

-Artem S.

great treatment, no pain whatsoever also really good advise. Will come again.


Dr. Salah is amazing!! By far the best dentist I have ever visited.


Great & professional care

-Layan Dalloul

Very satisfied! Everyone is super professional and they care about me! I will recommend this clinic to my friends.

-Elisabeth P.

Dr. Salah has a personalized touch in his treatment which always drives me back to his clinic and great atmosphere with good treatment.

-Endrica M.

Excellent service. Appreciate the efforts by the dentists in explaining about dental care to their patients.

-Rashma Abdul R.

5 Star Service

It was very nice treatment from all the staff and also professional.


Dr. Salahudeen is very knowledgeable and kind enough. He educates me before going through the process of cleaning and whitening..

-Abdulaziz A.

Good service and staff. Procedures well explained and keeping the patient informed. Future procedures recommended well..

-Julie J.

Really friendly atmosphere and people here. Great dentist, made me feel at ease and explained my treatment very well.

-Kim Knowles

Fantastic service. I am very happy. Thank you

-Lauren Davies

Dr. Salah is a pleasure to be with. He makes the patients feel comfortable and at ease. He has the lightest hands, he explains every procedure he is doing before doing it. I love Pearl Dental Clinic.

-Anne Banez

5 Star Service

5 star service start to finish. Always a pleasure. Very accommodating and very professional.

-Jonathan B.

Very good

Very good


Wonderful Patient Care

Dr. Aditi thank you so much! Wonderful patient care. The receptionist is also very welcoming and prompt. Great Team!

-Leah H.

Excellent Dentists

Friendly and approachable staff. Nice ambience and excellent dentists.

-Lorraine L.


Everything is good! No complaints ☺

-Souad H.


The Dentist was very helpful. Explained the entire process thoroughly.



Quick and comfortable. Happy with the result!

-Fatima Al-H

Excellent Service

I receive excellent service today and will be coming back. ☺

-Dean DaSilva F.


It was amazing! I didn’t feel any pain. I’ll definitely comeback again. Thank you so much!! I can smile now as much as I want. ☺

-Rena I.

Great Treatment

Great Treatment. Staff were friendly and very helpful. Very happy with the service.

-Annabelle D.


Great and professional care. Thank you

-Layan D.


I would like to acknowledge the service I had from Dr. Salahudeen Aboobacker at Pearl Dental Clinic last Saturday 4th June, 2016. I experienced great welcoming service from his team and from him personally in addition to taking time to do consultation as well as hygiene cleaning. My Teeth felt fresh all the coffee and tea strain were removed. I also learned more from him on maintaining healthy teeth.

I am comfortable to refer him to family, friends and of course business associates and companies to raise awareness on general well-being of teeth and oral medicine.

-Soulaf Imam


One Evening at 8p.m., I was all ready to go and meet my friends for dinner. As soon as I got my car I felt the most horrible pain of my life. It did start on my tooth, going to my head, till my chin and in not less than a minute to my shoulders. I was so scared not really knowing what was going on. I had a faint hint that it might be my tooth, as it was troubling me for a while, but did not know that one tooth could cause me so much pain. But, as Dr. Salah correctly put it – “It’s one tooth, but it is your tooth.”

I had no idea what to do, so I popped up a few pills and tried to calm myself down. Next morning, first thing I called up Dr. Salah and asked him for an appointment on urgent basis. He was very accommodating and asked me to drop by that day itself. On entering the clinic building, I was escorted from the parking to his clinic (Yes they have awesome parking facilities) and to my surprise it was the most comfortable dental clinics I have seen – with beautiful view, and background music. I felt at home immediately.

Dr. Salah did a check up and made me understand the cause of the problem. He did treat me by extracting my tooth in the most “pain free” manner and did assist with all problems that came up with me. To my surprise, - I saw that he was following up with me on daily basis to know how I was feeling and did give a step by step guidance. Unlike, when the patients have to wait for their next appointment to speak to their Doctor. He made sure I was relived with all my pain within a week with absolutely minimum use of painkillers or antibiotics.

Thank you Dr. Salah for this beautiful Smile. You truly are the “Friendly Neighborhood Dentist.”



Very friendly and helpful staff. Excellent service

-Nadia G.


This clinic is very nice and really helpful and this is awesome. Superb.

-Thamanna Z.


Thank you ☺ Dr. Salahudeen. He has been very good in his field. He really look after his patients. The entire team is superb.

-Melowin C.


The service is excellent, Staff is sincerely (especially Catherin) friendly and my dentist (DR. Aboobacker) is amazing. He makes me feel very calm by explaining every procedure in detail and allowing me to weigh out all my options.

-Bianca N.


Great Service! Thank you ☺



I am not a big fan of going to the dentist; it is expensive, scary and unpleasant. Dentist Dr. Salahudeen has changed that for me.

He is passionate about his work but also about his patients. He really wants to give the patients what they are there for. His prices are very competitive to the "Beach road dentists" But he is just as skilled.

His specialty is creating a beautiful natural smile. My Smile just became 10 years younger in a very natural way.

His receptionist was very helpful with the insurance plan and even called my insurance company to give me very clear expectations on what I have to pay myself.

I will definitely keep using Dr. Salah for my and my families' dental needs."

-Rikke Ebel Nielsen
Life Coach


I visited Dr Salahudeen Aboobacker's clinic and was accorded with a courteous welcome at the reception. The receptionist was expecting me and ushered me to the treatment room immediately.

Dr Salah loves to talk and explain the reason why our teeth are in the condition that they are. He truly designs smiles. Not only does he do a fantastic job but he explains in detail the options available.

He provides the right advise and allows the patient to arrive at a suitable decision. It is obvious he is a man very passionate about his profession.

I highly recommend Dr Salah's services and will be pleased to recommend him to my contact sphere.

-Saurabh Bhalla
Managing Director
Middle East


"Great Service! Great consultation and Excellent Results!."

-Alaa Al Sayegh


"Very professional and kind approach. The doctor is very kind and explains everything patiently and sharing all details."

-Anara Ubinamin


"Friendly, talented dentist with good aesthetic ideas."

-Rikke Nielsen


"Doctor is very kind and nice suggestion for myself(treatment). Reception is very polite."

-Qin Yang


"Really great information and brilliant treatment."

-J. Keane


"Excellent Team and work. Keep doing it well."

-Laura Tepelus



-Meriem Sahrij


"Dr. Sala's attitude and treatment matched his kindness at all times. I would strongly recommend him to all."

-Darshan Desai

A very good team.

"Pearl Dental Clinic did a very good job at caring for your teeth health."

-Sohail F.S

Beautiful friendly staff!

"Thank you for taking care of me!"

-Lisa Lazarus


" Good!"

-Meriem S

Good Flexibility

"Good Flexibility/after care.
Quality service and productive friendly reception staff"

-Tim Marjason


"It was a real pleasure to visit Pearl Dental Clinic. High level of Professionalism of doctors and staff caring attitude have raised confidence and trust. Thereinafter if I or any of my friends will have problems will return to this clinic only, without any hesitation."

-Elena Stolk

Excellent keep up the good work.

"The dentist was ready to answer my question I had about my condition.
The treatment was efficient and the healing process didn’t take much.
The dentist was keen to not let me suffer from any pain during the whole procedure.
The dentist was flexible with the timing and accepted to receive me after office hours.
The price was quite reasonable and one of the best in the market.
The clinic facility is very clean and its few minutes away from the metro station.
The support staff are friendly and competent."

-Wafaa Houdaj


"Best Experience with Dr. Salahudeen, did my teeth whitening, very friendly reception , the best is the Dr. is not a salesman. Highly recommended."

-Louisa Soywed

Very Nice

"Very Nice Result, Glad."



""The Dentist was honest + very professional, giving advice for the benefit of the patient and not profit driven. Parking was difficult - took 15 mins time being outside, to getting parked"

-C. Armstrong

Superb care

"Dr Salahudeen,Really gave me good advice,Sperb,I will come again for sure"

-Elda Purba

I am rather impressed with their team's professionalism

"Dr. Shurti was friendly, polite & caring in her approach putting me at complete easy & relaxed. Very professional, personalized approach highly recommended. Kat's courtesy reminder was timely and highly appreciated."

-Happy Patient

Pearl Dental Clinic one the Best

"Excellent professional treatment. Very gentle."

-Happy Patient

The quality is outstanding

"Really helpful. I was nervous visiting the dentist but I was made to feel at ease. I was given brilliant advice & felt I was being given all the fact. Thank you."

-Happy Patient

I highly recommend him for any dental needs

"we were made to feel very welcome, comfortable & relaxed. SMS message were a good idea. Thank you."

-Happy Patient


"Very good."



"Great Staff."



"Excellent, professional services."



"Very good care."



"Very nice."

-Julio lesar


"Well informed, gentle & thorough"

-Jocelyn chambers


"Amazing experience."

-Sarah kawash





"2 filling, 1 injection pretty painless. Liked the fact that doctor takes his time to explain everything."